How it Works

Ugashik River view

We are a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) this means we use your purchase to cover the costs of harvesting and processing your delicious salmon! We spend the summer catching it and deliver your salmon to you in Colorado in the fall and throughout the winter.

1. We catch the salmon! 

Our boat the Eva is part of the Leader Creek Fisheries fleet. Leader Creek Fisheries is a unique co-op of fishermen and fisherwomen in Bristol Bay, Alaska, who utilize the highest quality harvesting standards. As soon as salmon are pulled from the remote cold waters of Bristol Bay, they are immediately bled and chilled in an onboard refrigeration system. Leader Creek has the most stringent quality requirements in the industry. We don't mind the extra work to ensure excellent quality because we are so proud of our product and think it is the very best. Your Wild North salmon will be caught either by us on the Eva or by one of our partner boats in the Leader Creek Fleet. 


2. Salmon is packaged and shipped

We deliver salmon daily from our boat to Leader Creek Fisheries where it is filleted and flash frozen with cutting edge technology. The finished product is shipped South to a frozen storage facility in Seattle, Washington. From Seattle, the salmon is shipped to Colorado by freezer truck and straight to you.


3. Salmon Pick Up!

As soon as we tuck our boat in for the season in Alaska, we return to Colorado and ensure our salmon gets into your hands (and bellies!) We will schedule a time and place near you to meet us and pick up your box of salmon! Pickups will be scheduled throughout the fall and winter in Denver and Crested Butte. We currently do not ship out of state.


4. Enjoy Wild Alaskan Salmon all winter!


Find answers to more questions here or feel free to ask us directly! (907) 435-7455