About us

Know your fishermen!
Frances Bursch and Jeremy Rubingh live in Crested Butte, CO, and spend their summers fishing in Bristol Bay, AK. They both fish on the boat the Eva, which is captained by Frances's dad, Tom.

The Eva is 32' long and is our home and workspace for 2 months every year. Captain Tom looking happy on the bridge.


F & J on the back deck of the Eva"We are starting Wild North Salmon Source because we love and respect wild and free salmon. We want to share this fresh, beautiful, and sustainable protein source with our community up in the mountains where seafood can be hard to get."
Frances was born and raised in Alaska, splitting her time between Homer in the winters for school, and Pilot Point, AK in the summers for commercial salmon fishing. She grew up playing with sea creatures in the mudflats near her parents fish camp. When she was 12 years old, she started helping out on the boats harvesting salmon. Every summer since, she has returned from wherever she is to help harvest salmon. Fishing has given her a deep respect for the ocean, wild places, and salmon; the animal and the food. 
Frances and sister Maggie '98      
Frances and her sister Maggie in 1999. Frances on the back deck of the Eva


 Jeremy started helping out on the Eva when he met Frances and he took to it instantly. Probably because he grew up catching fish in the mountain streams of Colorado and sailing around Cape Cod (and across the Atlantic!). He helps Frances appreciate the unique Bristol Bay salmon industry and the lifestyle that comes with it.

 Jeremy with the net aboard and admiring a beautiful Bristol Bay sockeye.